From #NoTincPor to #BenvingutsPasseuPasseu

From Casa Vicens we want to express our deepest sympathies for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils and our condolences to their families.

We are out of words to express everything we have felt these days. We support the spontaneous cry #NoTincPor (I’m not afraid), that is why this Monday we carried on as we always do. It takes a little more effort to concentrate, our minds wander to our heart but nevertheless we go on like the city does, like it always has done in every tragedy.

Casa Vicens will open its doors this Fall. Opening the door means we invite you to enter. We open our home and our hearts to you. This is what we want to tell everyone, and in a very special way to families of the victims and fellow citizens: we want to say Casa Vicens is also your home, Barcelona is your home, Catalonia is your home, and you are very welcome to come in.

T.N.: #BenvingutsPasseuPasseu is a popular Catalan tune by Jaume Sisa that can be translated by: Welcome, do come in, do come in.

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