Santa Rita 22.05.2022

The origin of the tradition dates back to the second half of the 18TH century. At the time in this place there was a house of convalescence of the Discalced Carmelite Friars of the “Josepets” convent in today’s Plaça Lesseps. Surprised by how quickly the people who drank from the water spring recovered from different pains, they dedicated the site to Santa Rita, the patron saint of impossible causes.


In 1886, its carbonated waters were declared to be of public use and they started to be sold. Later, in 1927, a new chapel was built precisely where the spring was. This chapel was included in the space that at the time was occupied by the Casa Vicens estate.

The Herrero-Jover family, which lived in the house from 1899 to 2014, started to open the garden’s doors each 22 May in order to follow the tradition. Years ago, the neighbours came to Carrer Carolines to celebrate the day of Santa Rita and to drink water from the natural mineral-medicinal water spring located where the corner of Avenue of the Riera de Cassoles and Carrer de les Carolines is today.


In 1946, however, the Jover family put several parcels of the garden up for sale and the estate was separated. With this division of the land, the chapel of Santa Rita was separated from the rest of the house, and in 1963, with the sale of the parcel where it was located, the chapel was demolished to build a large block of buildings.

In spite of the church’s disappearance, Santa Rita remains in the neighbourhood’s collective memory through the name of certain establishments and a good number of neighbours named Rita in honour of the patron saint of impossible causes. Additionally, after Gaudí’s first house was rehabilitated, converted to a museum and opened to the public, Casa Vicens retains the firm commitment to continuing the tradition and establishing this date as a special day so that the neighbourhood can pay homage to the saint.
Interior capilla Santa Rita a Casa Vicens
Interior of the Santa Rita fountain in Casa Vicens. © IAAH

Agenda May 22, 2022

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Casa Vicens is covered with roses
10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The fountain in the gallery will present a unique floral decoration to pay homage to the most popular tradition of Gaudí's first house: the Santa Rita festivity.

Santa Rita and Casa Vicens

Sale of roses and candles
CSR Action

The amount raised will be used for specialized leisure activities carried out by Nexe Fundació, a leading entity in the care of children with multiple disabilities based in Gràcia.


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