Who is Montse Moltó? An interview

Montse Moltó (50) forged a career in cultural site management after studying filmmaking. She held positions at the Poble Espanyol, the El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria, and the Museu de Disseny before becoming our head of operations. Detail-oriented and always ready to help, her mission is to make sure your visit to Casa Vicens is an unforgettable experience and that you feel at home here.

What was your first impression of Casa Vicens?

To tell you the truth, I thought it was a strange mash-up of a lot tiles jumbled together with stone and brick . . . That may not be what you expected me to say, but I have to admit that it struck me as being a bit eccentric at first glance!

How did you feel as its transformation into a house museum progressed?

I can say that since that first impression, I’ve had the daily privilege of watching the reinstallation of restored elements such as the ironwork, the carpentry, and doors as well as the restoration of the entrevigados, ceiling, and walls of the smoking room. I’ve seen how each detail and element, restored by the most expert hands, has fallen into place and brought back the original glow that made Gaudí’s first architectural commission so special.

What is your visible contribution to this house museum?

The personal contribution I hope is most noticeable is the effort we make to cater to visitors. We pay attention to every little detail to make certain that everyone who comes here feels at home.

How do you go about doing this?

Our ambition is to offer a truly unique experience that allows visitors to discover the house at a leisurely pace. To that end, we control the number of visitors allowed in the building at any given moment. This policy fits perfectly with the building’s original function as a summer residence meant to be a place to get away from it all and relax. In order to enter into the spirit of the place as Gaudí conceived it, it’s important to take the time necessary to appreciate all the details and explore every corner without feeling rushed.

In which corner of the house are we most likely to find you?

You could expect to find me in any corner of the house. Nevertheless, I must admit that I have a special weakness for the enclosed porch, which is an essentially feminine space, on the main floor. For me, this is an extraordinary room designed to cozy and intimate with latticework windows that give its occupants a private view of everything happening on the patio.

Discover Casa Vicens, never-before-seen Gaudí

The first home by the great architect of Modernisme. Declared Unesco World Heritage.

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