Casa Vicens is a founding member the Associació Cases Icòniques de Catalunya

Yesterday we attended a press conference organized at Casa Amatller to announce the founding of the Asociación Casas Icónicas de Catalunya.

The staff of Casa Vicens is thrilled to be part of this initiative and looks forward to sharing ideas and projects, maintaining an active dialog and collaborating with other members.

Founders of the Associació Cases Icòniques de Catalunya

Cases Icòniques provides a link between historic residential buildings in Catalonia that embody the creative genius and artistry of the architects who designed them or once called them home. Its member institutions are regional heritage sites that offer a privileged glimpse into the rich social history and cultural expressivity of Catalonia and its people.

The Associació Cases Icòniques de Catalunya is the fruit of the combined efforts of the Fundació Amatller (Casa Museu Amatller), Món Sant Benet, la Fundació Pau Casals (Museu Pau Casals) , la Fundació Rafael Masó (Casa Masó), el Consorci del Patrimoni de Sitges (Museu Cau Ferrat), Cases Singulars,  la Fundació Mas Miró, la Casa Museu Duran i Sampere i la Casa Vicens.

The main objectives of the association are to create the mechanisms needed to forge working relationships between member institutions, public and private entities and international organizations that will enable all interested parties to develop joint funding and cooperation strategies and lead to further alliances with other likeminded institutions.

Member institutions have two important things in common: their special characteristics and historical value make it necessary for them to restrict the influx of visitors they receive and all seek to offer museum-goers a unique, quality experience.  One of the group’s current projects is the development of a joint “passport” that will offer passport holders a range of discounts.

Marta Antuñano, the museologist at Casa Vicens and other museum professionals will participate in the II Jornada de Cases Icòniques de Catalunya to be held on Thursday May 25.



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