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Christmas time is here again. It seems like summer was just yesterday and now we have set up the Christmas tree and the nativity scene and are finishing the details to make this Christmas unique. Christmas is undoubtedly the time when everything goes back to its origins: we celebrate the same traditions year after year like our ancestors did, we return to the family home and, above all, we gather around a table to celebrate the fact that once again we are together, accompanied by those we love most. Christmas is also the ideal time to reflect on everything that happened during the year, to celebrate your successes and lessons learned and to set new goals and new wishes for yourself for the 365 days to come.


The home is the focal point of Christmas, both for the decorations and the tables where we will spend long periods of time. Our house, Casa Vicens, is no exception, so we will decorate some of its rooms with flowers so all our visitors can breathe the magic of Christmas in the first house built by Gaudí. In addition, the dining room will feature three special Christmas decorations thanks to the collaboration of la Capell, which all visitors will be able to see from 18 December to 6 January. The first decoration can be enjoyed from 18 to 26 December and will focus on Christmas dinner and the meals of 25 and 26 December. The second decoration will be related to the New Year and can be seen from 27 December to 6 January. Finally, a table will be dedicated to the arrival of the Three Magi or Kings of the Orient, on display until 6 January.

Recipes for Christmas days

The decoration of the table is important, but so is the meal that we prepare, so this year we want to give you something special and unique by Hofmann. We present you with three cooking recipes to surprise your guests: succulent cannelloni a la Catalana, an exquisite fish stew (zarzuela) and a delicious King’s cake (tortell de Reis). Download them for free when you leave your email address:

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Do you still need to buy gifts? This year, try something different and give the gift of a cultural experience that you won’t need to wrap. Give a visit to Casa Vicens with the product “Regala Casa Vicens” (“Give the gift of Casa Vicens”), a unique experience in the first house built by Gaudí that will allow the person you choose to come to know this World Heritage by UNESCO at any time and any day during the first three months after purchase.

Special tours: “The essence of Casa Vicens”

On 31 December, Catalonia will celebrate the day of the Home dels Nassos (“Man of the Noses”), an imaginary Catalan man who delights the youngest children. It is said that he has as many noses as there are days left in the year, prompting the youngest children to image a man who has many noses, but since there is only one day left in the year, the Home dels Nassos could be anyone.

To celebrate this day dedicated to our olfactory organ, we at Casa Vicens will offer two special tours of The essence of Casa Vicens”. Created by the perfumer Ernest Ventós, this tour leads visitors down a visual and olfactory path through the house by means of eight scents created by Ventós and inspired by the rooms of the first house designed by Gaudí. We will conduct the tour in Catalan at 11.30 am and in Spanish at 1 pm for a promotional price of €11.

In addition, from 29 December to 7 January, we will host an installation featuring different pieces from the NASEVO art collection created by Ernest Ventós, which may be seen in different rooms at Casa Vicens.

Promotion days

We inform you that we are lowering prices for the Christmas period (€8 for a simple visit and €11 for a guided tour) on 17, 21, 24, 28, 30 and 31 December and 4 January.

Casa Vicens’ opening hours for Christmas (from 18 December 2018 to 6 January 2019)

Mondays from 10 am to 3 pm, except Monday, 31 December, when we will open at 5 pm.

From Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10 am to 7 pm.

On 25 December and 6 January, Casa Vicens will remain closed.

We at Casa Vicens wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2019. And if you feel like trying out our recipes, share the results on Instagram with the hashtag #NadalCasaVicens

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