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“At Casa Vicens it smells without exception, walls, ceilings, corners, flowers, leaves, woods. It is pure nature transformed in essence” Ernest Ventós, perfumer, art collector and a creator of his own artworks.

An exclusive sensory experience in which you can discover the essence of Casa Vicens, in all its details. Awaken your senses with a journey of sights and scents through the rooms of the first house designed by Gaudí. A tour created by the perfumer and artist Ernest Ventós/Nasevo to experience this masterpiece authentically as it takes us back to the beginning of Modernisme.

Casa Vicens is Antoni Gaudí’s first masterpiece and holds the essence of his later work. It is considered one of the first Modernista buildings and its uniqueness and universal value prompted UNESCO to declare it World Heritage in 2005.

Geometry predominates in the structure of the house, especially straight lines. With this element alone, Gaudí succeeded in creating a bucolic space featuring a connection and interplay with nature, the most important source of inspiration in all his work. This reference to natural elements is found both inside and outside the house. By integrating various decorative arts (paintings, ceramics, sgraffiti and more), Antoni Gaudí brought nature inside the house, thereby creating continuity between the interior and the exterior.

Casa Vicens turns nature into architecture. This is nature that penetrates walls, ceramics and paintings and is revived by the perfumer and artist Ernest Ventós/Nasevo, whose olfactory creations help visitors to discover the essence of Casa Vicens.

A journey of sights and scents to experience the first house designed by Gaudí with all your senses. What are you waiting to come and enjoy it?

In the case of people sensitive to some components, we recommend consulting this information on allergens (in Spanish).



Discover Casa Vicens, never-before-seen Gaudí

The first home by the great architect of Modernisme. Declared Unesco World Heritage.

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