5 virtual tours that will take you to great European cities without moving from home

If there is something that is on everyone’s mind this summer, it is the general desire to travel and discover cities the same way we did before. Nonetheless, these are already the second summer holidays since the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 completely changed our lives and, whether due to the current situation, for comfort, or for any other reason, crossing borders is still difficult.

However, as it has happened with teleworking, the digital world is here to stay and is becoming something more and more common in our lives. And why not take advantage of it to travel? That’s right, traveling from your home is now possible through virtual tours that allow you to visit places around the world through a screen. For this reason, we present you 5 virtual tours of 5 major European cities so that you can visit them from wherever you want.

The Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

The Vatican opens its doors to the public in a virtual way and offers 360º visits of its most well-known rooms. Among them, you cannot miss The Sistine Chapel, which you can now see through your own screen while you enjoy the beautiful work of art on its ceiling, without your neck hurting from constantly looking up.

Louvre Museum, Paris

The city of love, Paris, had of course to be present in this list. Whether you have visited it in real life or not, Paris is never boring: its atmosphere and rhythm of life enchantes you like few cities are capable of.

In it, the Louvre Museum is one of the best known attractions. Now you can also take a virtual tour through its corridors and see the impressive works of art that it houses. Can you imagine having the Mona Lisa in your living room? Maybe it cannot be compared to seeing it live, but we assure you that the hundreds of visitors who crowd in front of it will not be on this tour.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona

The architect Antoni Gaudí will forever be physically and emotionally tied to the city of Barcelona. Luckily for the city, its inhabitants and visitors alike, the streets of Barcelona hide more than one of the architect’s secrets. We all know the Sagrada Familia, but since a couple of years ago, you can also visit the first house built by the Catalan genius. This visit is now available in its virtual version, going through the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site led and guided by the architect Rubén Momblant, who will explain in detail each area of ​​this great work of art. Thanks to the tour, you will discover the different stages of construction of the building and the techniques and decorations that Gaudí used at the beginning of his career. Thus, this virtual guided tour will surely become a memorable experience.

Mozart House, Salzburg

For classical music lovers, you can also travel to Austria, the home country of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In the picturesque city of Salzburg is located the house where the composer was born and that, as you may already suppose, you can visit virtually. Travel all the way to 1756 and stroll through the rooms where the Austrian musician lived. Among three different floors, discover the spaces that saw Mozart grow up and become a global phenomenon. And if you also listen to its symphonies while taking the tour, the experience will be a guaranteed immersion.

Royal Palace, Brussels

Finally, we travel to the heart of Belgium and we reach its capital, Brussels. There is located the royal palace, the administrative residence of the king of the Belgian state and his family. Built in 1826 and inaugurated almost 110 years later, the palace is a neoclassical work to admire. In addition, it only opens its doors to the public for a few weeks every year, but with this virtual tour, you can visit it whenever you want and from wherever you want.

These virtual tours join a longer list of what is becoming a growing trend that gives us the opportunity to travel like before, but like never before at the same time.

Discover Casa Vicens, never-before-seen Gaudí

The first home by the great architect of Modernisme. Declared Unesco World Heritage.

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