More than 200,000 people visited Casa Vicens Gaudí in 2023, 58% more than the previous year

200,052 people of more than 100 nationalities came to visit this UNESCO World Heritage building

The first house designed by Antoni Gaudí continues in its process of consolidation as a cultural facility. Last year more than 200,000 people visited Casa Vicens, an increase of 58% compared to the previous year.

If we take 2019 as an example, the year before the pandemic, there was an increase in visitors of 22%. All of this validates the work Casa Vicens has been doing to ensure it becomes one of the most important museum facilities in the city for lovers of culture in general, and of Gaudí in particular.

Another notable element is the 125% increase in those taking part in the guided tours, with the new addition of the daily tour in Chinese. This type of tour is valued as one of the best by visitors to this facility in Vila de Gràcia.


Of these 200,052 visitors, there is a similar percentage of local visitors compared to 2022, which was 16%. However, it is worth highlighting once again the influx of people from other countries. In total, 109 different nationalities visited it, among the most notable are visitors from Italy, the rest of Spain, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting the amount of Asian travellers who are journeying abroad again. According to the director of Casa Vicens, Emili Masferrer, “2024 will be a decisive year for this market, in line with others such as the European or American markets that showed good recovery in 2023.”

Discover Casa Vicens, never-before-seen Gaudí

The first home by the great architect of Modernisme. Declared Unesco World Heritage.

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