Casa Vicens Gaudí will be available for one night on Airbnb

For the first time, exceptionally, the house-museum will make it possible for two travellers to stay in the first house created by Gaudí

Since it opened its doors as a house-museum in November 2017, Casa Vicens has become a space open to the public and the world, allowing anyone who visits it to discover the origins of the great architectural genius. Now, exceptionally, this World Heritage site in Gràcia will allow two travellers to spend a night in this late 19th-century architectural gem, in the autumn of 2021.

Through the platform Airbnb, two people will enjoy this exclusive experience that will begin with a reception by the General Manager of Casa Vicens, Emili Masferrer i Fons. As the guests’ host, he will explain how this house was transformed into a house-museum after having been a private home until 2014, thanks to a process of restoration and rehabilitation whose main premise was to return Casa Vicens to its original state as a summer holiday home and, at the same time, to facilitate its new use as a cultural facility. After the tour the guests can enjoy a Michelin-star meal inspired by the famous architect, designed by the prestigious Hofmann School of Hostelry. An unforgettable evening in the Casa Vicens dining room, which connects with the covered porch and the famous smoker’s room, also open for the guests’ enjoyment, followed by a night in the Vicens family’s master bedroom, re-created for the occasion. They will wake up to the aroma of delicious Hofmann croissants, which will be awaiting them in the garden.

A journey through time that will allow these guests to discover what is considered one of the first masterpieces of Modernisme, for its innovative and original features and because it broke stylistically with everything that had been built before it.

Airbnb is highlighting the opportunity to host this experience on its platform, “We are very pleased to be able to offer our community the first home by one of the world’s most famous architects. It is a unique opportunity and the result is a very complete experience that we believe guests will remember their whole life”, says Mónica Casañas, General Manager of Airbnb Marketing Services S.L.

To be a guest, it will be possible to book this one-night fall stay* on July 12, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. CEST, for a group of two guests, at Those interested must meet several requirements: they should currently live in the same home and have a verified profile with a history of positive feedback on Airbnb, and be over 18 years of age.

*The one-night stay is not a drawing; the first reservation request received that meets the requirements listed above will be accepted. The price of this stay is €1 (plus taxes), which is a symbolic value required to be able to process the booking correctly.

Discover Casa Vicens, never-before-seen Gaudí

The first home by the great architect of Modernisme. Declared Unesco World Heritage.

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