Past exhibition > Uncertain Equilibrium
Txemy Basualto

From April, 30 to October 31, 2021
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In this exhibition, Txemy essentially breaks away from his habitual languages and inherited codes, exploring a fundamentally different perspective that starts from an intimate and personal rupture of the relationship between himself and the work.

Uncertain Equilibrium was born from the commitment to seek personal and absolute balance, addressing his own identity, the historical moment and his relationship with the environment. From ideation to action, from theory to the moment of impregnating the canvas, the artist questions concepts of identification, parenthood, race, belonging and ecology, whilst continuously maintaining the search for balance.

In collaboration with the product designer Itziar Luna and the composer Perdi Rominger, this project navigates various channels to take the viewer on an internal and universal journey, simultaneously travelling through sound, the experience with the space and the installations, the paintings, and mainly, the paper.

The artist reinvents the pictorial object in an attempt to elevate the value of paper and reconfigure constructed codes of hierarchy in the framing of the work. Paper as the origin of everything, and paint as the connecting link between all the elements of the exhibition.

Txemy releases himself from walls and rules, in a journey that manifests in abstraction and figurative notes, in an exercise to eliminate the superfluous and any conditioning of the purest notion of the self (selves). No frames, no gender, no expectations; letting the color speak and the music follow.


The process: 

The exhibition’s creative process was conceived as an opportunity to confront the essential questions that arised during the COVID-19 pandemic. The artist approaches each piece as a unique challenge, intentionally leaving his comfort zone in a profound observation of himself, his instincts, needs and limits, both cultural and inherent.

With the intention of catalyzing a shared reflection on the effect that 2020 had on all of us, the viewers are invited to an individual and collective experience, detaching themselves from imposed walls in an attempt to return to nature. This comeback to the origin is translated in the parameters that determine choices of materials, colours, sounds and movement. The spectator is taken from confinement, to a celebration of non-artifice, as the culmination of the stage we are living in.

An essential condition of such intention arises from the commitment to minimize the environmental impact of the project; thus all the materials used are 100% biodegradable or recyclable. Anything that is not deliberately maintained will merge with the planet.

The exhibition at Casa Vicens is projected as a journey that delves into the emotional processes experienced today, giving space to individual interpretation, collective exploration and above all, the celebration of the potential of what is to come.

Sara Catalán – Curator

In collaboration with


Location of the works on the temporary exhibition room of Casa Vicens

Location of the works on the temporary exhibition room of Casa Vicens, 

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