Recovering the original state of Casa Vicens

The rehabilitation and restoration of Casa Vicens were necessary in order to showcase and recover Antoni Gaudí’s original design to the extent possible.

This restoration also comes with the necessary rehabilitation to adapt Casa Vicens to its new cultural use and public visits to ensure that it complies with the safety, accessibility and comfort measures that a future cultural asset of its kind should have.

Finally, the project includes an action in its immediate environs aimed at improving Casa Vicens’ relationship with neighbouring buildings, thus contributing to preserving its architectural and landscape values as well as improving views of it.

The final restoration and rehabilitation project is the outcome of research performed in the architectural studios of Martínez Lapeña–Torres Arquitectes and Daw Office, along with the project’s head of museology, Marta Antuñano. A laborious analysis enabled us to ascertain, understand and interpret different aspects of the house that were heretofore unknown, such as the gallery that opens onto the garden – with an enter system of revolving blinds and the smokers’ area – whose original colours we have managed to determine and recover. They also researched and studied the different building techniques used to construct it in order to respect the requirements of a building that has been declared an Asset of National Cultural Interest and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover Casa Vicens, never-before-seen Gaudí

The first home by the great architect of Modernisme. Declared Unesco World Heritage.

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